What are the Available Seaside Residences Floor Plan

The Seaside Residences together with the Seaside Residences Floor plan are most discussed topics these days, especially when it comes to the luxurious condominiums in the Singapore. The Seaside Residences will be based on 27 high storeys and approximately 840 units and the total area, which is saved for the construction purpose is about 207,848.5 square feet.

This new project does not only offer the best scenic views and location, but also the best amenities such as the best educational institutes, metro stations, amazing and famous shopping centers, restaurants and the public parks. The project is being built by the very famous and capable developers of Singapore, known as the Frasers Centrepoint.

Seaside Residences floor plan

In addition, they have a vast experience in their field because the company was developed, back in 1883; also they provide the best services. Therefore, you will be happy to know that the development of the Seaside Residences is in the safe hands.

Seaside Residences Floor Plan

Seaside Residences Floor Plan is one of the best floor plans, which any condominium has offered. Seaside Residences is not just a local name, it is a brand in itself, and therefore, everything associated with this name is expected to be of the best quality.

The architect of Seaside Residences have decided to make the building’s floor plan available to the public, so that they can easily compare it with the other condos being built around the district. This way, customers will be able to make choice more easily and perfectly. While selecting any property, especially for the living purpose, it is very important to select the best in the market, not only in the sense of good quality, but also the price range, amenities and various other factors.

Area allocated for the Seaside Residences Floor Plan

Seaside Residences Floor Plan is designed to meet the common needs of the interested customers. It is not confined to one type of units only, which are available for only either a small sized or the large sized families.

The site area reserved for this project is around 207,848 square feet, which is a lot. As per the overall plan of the condo, each and every feet of area is allocated efficiently and there are total 845 units, which will be the part of the condominium. The flats will get the attraction because of the breathtaking sea view. The floor plan is designed for every type of families. It will have flats for the young couples, small families, families with children and for everyone who are looking for a luxurious and well reputed place, so that all of them can live together under the one roof.

The room designed will surely be very airy, well-equipped and big enough to easily accommodate even the King sized beds. Though, the area of each room might vary, especially from unit to unit. The units are divided further according to the prices and areas. This is because, if a young couple wants to live in a small and cozy apartment, they will have an option to choose from our small and affordable unit types. To conclude Seaside Residences floor plan will definitely suits everyone in the household.

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